Southdale Line Bridge B416 Rehab - October Update

by Sile Ferguson,
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Clearwater Structures and R.J Burnside progression on the Southdale Line Bridge has been progressing as per schedule. Clearwater has moved on to:

  • Replacing base chords
  • Repairing nodes
  • Replacing connection plates
  • Replacing end braces

Base Chords:

Three sections of base chords on the bridge structure were significantly corroded and stressed requiring full replacement. Three new galvanized chords were replaced on the bridge.


There has been four node replacements throughout the bridge. Nodes are important for the bridges structure, they hold the tension and compression members together. The existing nodes were rusted and slightly bent which compromised support for the overpass.

Connection Plates:

Two galvanized connection plates have been removed and replaced within the bridge. The connection plate’s purpose is to hold the bottom chords together and prevent lateral movement. Old connection plates were damaged and had limited function in keeping the bridge stable.

End Braces:

Two end braces have been removed and replaced on the bridge. They sit on each end of the bridge underneath the bottom chords. Similar to connection plates, the end braces restrict chords from lateral movement but also sit on the abutment to relieve load stresses.

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The bridge rehabilitation has concluded.

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